Karjan Dam

This dam was successfully built as a model dam for Sardar Sarovar Dam. Engineering technologies used for the construction of both the dams are similar. Built with the primary purpose of irrigation this dam has become blessings for the farmers of the Nandod Taluka.

Best Time

Round the year, especially the monsoon.

The initiatives of tourism have been development like ‘Jungle Boat Safari’ in the valleys at the backwaters and ecotourism sites developed on the islands enthralls visitors who can stay overnight at ecotourism centres far away from mainland and learn more about nature and ecosystem.


It is necessary to collect permission visit this place from the Karjan Irrigation Project Office situated near Collector Office, Narmada.

The unforgettable experience during the journey deep amongst the lush green islands and sorrounding forest area is the great reason for visitors from Bombay to prefer over lonavala for weekend tour.