Shulpaneshwar Temple

There are many ancient places and temples situated all along the bank of River Narmada in Nandod, Narmada. All such places are extremely holy and ancient. One of them Shulpaneshwar Temple located 22 km away from Rajpipla is the aesthetic centre for people across the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat and hardly any tourist would miss this temple during the Sardar Sarovar Dam visit. The ancient Shulpaneshwar temple on submergence in Sardar Sarovar has been relocated to Gora village. The 5 day tribal fair on ‘Chaitri Amaas’ celebrated to memorize similar celebration by all Hindu God during the appearance of Shivlinga at this place as described in ‘Skand Puran’. The beautiful ‘Ghaat’ for Narmada Snan and the Maha Aarti of Narmada Maiya on every Poonam (Full moon) is a privilege for Shiv devotees. Panchvati Garden with beautiful landscape is very interesting attraction for tourists.

Exclusive Shiv Pujas as under may be organized for devotees on request

  • Rudra yagna-6hour
  • Lagu rudra-6hours,
  • Maha rudra-3days
  • Ati rudra-1month
  • hishek- 1hour,
  • Panchopchar pujan -1.5hour
  • Rudra abhishek-2hour,
  • Mahaabhishek-3hours

For more information on Shulpaneshwar Mahatmay you may refer:-

  • Skand Puran III, Adhyay 44-49, Shulpaneshwar Mahtmay description
  • Shiv Maha Puran, Adhyay 104-106, Establishment description
Best Time: Round the yearTips: Facilities are available for Exclusive Shiv Pujas in the temple.